Notes of some tools Monkey use

Note: Documentation rating refers to Monkey notes, not the original application documentation.

Linux Distro

Tools Linux Documentation Complete
Gentoo x Poor-Quality Minimal-installation
Debian x Not-bad Minimal-installation
  • Maybe both manuals can become better, but they are enough for me, while the official documentaion already exist and is, years of light better than mine.

User-Tools for terminal use

Tools Linux Category Documentation Notes
Vim Yes Editor Bad Comment Configs
Tmux Yes Emulation Not-bad Comment Configs
E-Mail Stuff Yes Email Not-bad Comment Configs
  • There are a few more, but I don’t use it so often.

Security Tools

Tools Category Documentation Notes
CryptSetup Disk Encryption Poor-Quality ………..
LVM Disk Partions Poor-Quality  
GNUPG Privacy Not Bad Give more Examples
IPTables Machine Security Bad Comment Configs
WPA Supplicant Connect to Wifi Bad …………
DNS tools DNS Queries Bad useful for servers
  • For Network we have a lot more.

Security approach's

Restrict System Persmission


Tools Category Documentation Notes
HTTP Protocol Not Bad add more details
SSH Security Bad Give more Examples
  • HTTP is not-secure, and SSH is. I need to add SSL topic

Web Development

Tools Category Documentation Complete Notes
Git WebDev Not-bad Minimal Code-Version-Control
Python Version Control Python Not Bad Many Python Versions and Libraries  
Install Rust Lang Rust Not Bad Rust Language  
Pandoc WebDev Not-bad Mininal good example
NodeJS WebDev Not-bad Minimal keep it
JavaScript WebDev not bad No em Português
CSS WebDev Bad No ….
ExpressJS WebDev Bad No
APIs WebAPIs Bad No
  • I should talk about Tig and another cools projects like Gitui.

Monkey Notes

Thoughts Bad Good
Naughty Thoughts False True
Cool Projects False True
Holy Gists False True
Media Files False True
  • I sould add more topics for Media. There is some cools tools I care about.

Lab to test everything Monkey needs

Monkey Labs

  • This is crazy. For years I ignore this possibility. A Self hosted service. In fact is what is growing in the web.

Extra Stuff

What is terrible, can be the result of our choices, nothing more!